The Kingdom Republic of Clondo is a Republic-Monarchy-Government Nation located in North Karfon. It is one of the
Map of Clondo.

Map of Clondo Showing its 7 Provinces.

Nine Nations of the TWPA. Clondo gained independece from the Rushida Empire in 1657, just four years before Ilandia gained independence from the same nation.



Population: 203,324,861

Life Expectancy at Birth: 78

Infany Mortality Rate: 0.7%

Religions: 89% Christianity, 7% Jewish, 2% Islam, 2% Other

GDP Per Capita: $49,211

Unenployment Rate: 6,9%
Clondolonian Flag

Flag of Clondo.

Total Military Troops: 1,500,000

Active Military Troops: 500,000

Protection Military Troops: 1,000,000

Disease Rate: 1.6%

Languages: English (87%) German (12%) Other (1%)

Nationality: Clondonian

Independence: From the Rushida Empire: 1657




About a hundred years after Indians first settled in Ilandia, Clondo was first settled. It wasn't until 1413 when North Karfon was discovered by Avan and taken over by it. During this time, Clondo had about half of the population Ilandia had, and Massemen was seriously underpopulated. When Avan came back in 1421, the Manovean-Avanian War (1421-1433) Started, with a Manovean victory in 1433, which then North Karfon was freed in 1440.


In 1603, Clondo was taken over by the Rushida Empire, a now seperated country that spread through three continents. Outraged Ilandian Indians planned for years, even when Ilandia was taken over by the Rushida Empire in 1612. In 1653, when Ilandia gained independence, Vincent Landor, the First Ilandian President, talked to the leaders of Manovea, Avan, and the Southwestern Empire and they all agreed to take down the Rushida Empire, and so the War of Domination began (1654-1681) against the Rushida Empire. In 1657, Clondo was free as an Independent nation by the Rushida Empire.

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